Os 5 Melhores Relógios Esporte


If you’re an athlete or if you’re someone who just wants to get in shape, a GPS watch can be very motivating. It can tell you how fast you’re moving, your heart rate, how many calories you’ve burned and much, much more. Not only can you see these metrics in real time, once you’re done working out you can upload the data to an online platform where you can keep track of your progress over time. It’s almost like having a personal trainer.

Here are five great sport watches that I put to the test, most of which work best with a heart rate sensor that you strap to your chest.

Best Mid-Range Watch for Runners and Cyclists: Polar RC3 GPS


This watch, which is relatively thin (13.7 mm), light and easy to configure and use, is ideal for runners and cyclists but not swimmers. While you can…

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