Guest contributor: Justin Fox on the pleasures of a weekday Nasho Run

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Motoring Con Brio

Sergio: What you doin today?
Me: No plans man.
Sergio: Wanna go Nasho?

Sydney’s heritage-listed Royal National Park is affectionately known to locals as the ‘Nasho’. Perfect for bushwalking, cycling, surfing, picnicking or whale watching, but today, we were there for the twisties.

I had to decide between taking my newly acquired Mazda MX-5 Roadster, the Nissan R32 GT-R, or the Volkswagen R32 Golf. The GT-R’s got pretty old semis on it, the MX-5 is running stock suspension in need of an alignment (I’m assuming the previous owner never bothered after removing his parted-out coilovers), then I thought about the R32 Golf tearing through the greenery with its supercharger whine and obnoxiously loud Capristo exhaust. I was sold.

Thanks to Facebook, within fifteen minutes a crew was formed. Having just sold the All Stars S15, Sergio didn’t have a suitable car so I was more than happy to let him…

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